Reasons Why You Must Start a Junk Removal Business



Are you looking forward to starting a new business? We suggest junk removal. But wait! We aren’t suggesting you this just like that. We have solid reasons why you must start a junk removal business. Care to read?

  1. Small investment

Thousands of people search on Google about low investment or no investment business ideas. While we believe a no-investment business idea doesn’t exist, we can place our bet on this low-cost business idea. To start a junk removal service, you don’t need a lot of employees. You can be the only employee to begin with. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment. Just a pick-up truck (new or old), a few shovels, rakes and garbage bins are enough.

junk removal service

  1. Great scope

Junk is something people would never run out of. This means you can always expect more business in your city. You can have a lot of regular clients that provide you enough business to keep going on.

  1. Recession proof

Yes, it is. In fact, during the recession, when every company is facing a downfall, junk removal services make profits. How? With so many businesses shutting down, there is a flood of junk. Who will dispose of all that? You can apparently sell a lot of it and make even more money.

  1. Easy to market

This business is relatively easy to market. You can go with traditional flyers and billboards, or an even cheaper option would be to sell your junk removal service online. You can get your business listed on Yelp or use marketplaces like Same Day Pros that can send you targeted leads at little cost for your junk removal service. Just provide excellent service and soon you wouldn’t even need to spend on marketing.  Word of mouth marketing is the biggest source of leads for such service owners.

find quality clients

  1. Option to take it up as a side business

Do you think you’re not ready to dive into your having-your-own-business thing? Don’t. Build it as a side business. Work on it as a part-time business and when you will have enough income from this business than your current job, switch. Simple! Isn’t it?

  1. Work from home and franchise option

You can operate this business from home. That means no cost of setting up an office. There are a lot of franchise options available. These can help if you don’t mind putting in some investment but require guidance on how to run such a business. Most of the franchises assist the business owners with initial set-up. That can help you kick-start your business, in case you have no knowledge about it.

These were the six reasons why we think that junk removal is a great business idea. It can help you earn money in an easy and quick way. Wait! Did we tell how the U.S. is seeing an upsurge of money spent on junk removal? It’s growing. The question is whether you want to increase with this wave or not!

17 Ways To Promote A Carpet Cleaning Service


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Are you looking for the available options for marketing your carpet cleaning service? Here are 17!

carpet cleaning service at work

  1. Use your telephone wisely: Never let any lead go unattended. Be by your phone. Keep your selling pitch ready. Practice to deliver it correctly. Keep all the information right beside the phone. Be quick. If you’re able to convert the people who call you for estimates, that’s perfect for your carpet cleaning service.
  2. Door to door: Every day we see one of the members of a rug cleaning community on Facebook share how door to door worked. They just try it as an additional promotion technique. Why not start this as your first one? Some quick initial sales aren’t bad. Are they?
  3. Flyers: Flyers are quite useful in the initial days of your business. They don’t involve much cost. But be careful while sending out those flyers. Get the decent graphics and the right piece of information printed on the flyers. Never forget to put down your phone number. A high irresistible offer can bring you best results.
  4. Interact with the community: Join some social and civic clubs. Go to church. Sponsor a charity event. All of these actions can get you noticed. Meet people. Introduce yourself to them as the owner of a carpet cleaning service. Now, you have a personal contact which is more likely to call you when he requires such services.
  5. Ask referrals from complementing services: Your competitors would never promote you. But services like dry cleaning would love to refer you to their clients if you assure them that you will return the favor. Business grows when you start working in collaboration with other companies without any conflict of interest.
  6. Get listed on Yelp: Yelp can help you fetch an enormous amount of traffic. Excellent reviews on Yelp can lead to a significant surge in your overall business leads.
  7. Build your company’s website: Yellow pages is dead. People are searching for same day service providers online. Are you making sure that you’re visible to those people? Being listed on Yelp isn’t enough. Once people check your reviews on Yelp! they go on to check your website to research about what kind of service provider you’re. Give them a chance to know you better through your website.
  8. Focus on search engine optimization: We can roughly call search engine optimization a passive way of promotion. SEO helps your site to rank in the top search results for keywords relevant to your business. Good SEO will lead to more exposure and hence, more points.
  9. Educate your consumers: Best way to promote your carpet cleaning service is not promote it. This is the era of inbound marketing. Your focus is on helping your potential customers find the information they’re looking for. By doing this, you present yourself as an expert in front of them. That brings sales. How to do this?Start a blog.
  10. Get listed on Same Day Pros: Same Day Pros is a platform that can help your business get more exposure. Thousands of people are using Same Day Pros to find same day service providers in their locality. Securing a listing on the platform can bring you even more sales.
  11. Use PPC Ads: Pay Per Click ads to allow you to advertise your carpet cleaning service around different properties on the web. Google Adwords is one of the best platforms to begin with PPC Ads.
  12. Promote on social media: Social media is a great way to promote your business and actively engage with your audience. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to reach out to your customers. Post useful content. And throw in a promotional piece every once in a while.
  13. Advertise on social media: Facebook provides excellent advertising opportunities through its native ad platform. You can also promote your business via advertising on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  14. Build a referral program: Referrals are a great way to utilize the power of word of mouth marketing. If my sister would recommend you to me, I am going to prefer you to others. If she gets a special discount for that recommendation, she is more likely to keep recommending you to others. This way, you can use your customers as a promotion tool for your carpet cleaning service.
  15. Participate in trade shows: Attend the annual carpet cleaning convention and any trade shows or house show that happen around your city. These are not places where you can go for direct promotions (unless you have rented an exhibition space), but you can meet a lot of new people. You can explore some fantastic opportunities through this.
  16. Telemarketing: It’s annoying. But it might work. Make sure the sales people are not too pushy and are very courteous. You must not annoy anyone if you can’t please them.
  17. Track your competition: Promotion isn’t just about following a pre-decided set of strategies, sitting back and waiting for results. You need to monitor actively what your competitors are doing and adapt your promotion strategies according to that.

Did we miss something? Or maybe gave you an idea of something you never considered before? Comment below!

How to start a snow removal business?


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Even though snow removal businesses are seasonal in most of the areas in the United States, they promise a great return on investment. The perfect season brings in an enormous demand of such services thereby allowing contractors to make a big sum of money.

If you’re considering this business as a full time or part time income source, this is a guide that can help you with setting up a snow removal business. Here’s how to get started with this business.

Consider what kind of services to offer

snow removal business area

This business allows you to choose between different levels of service. You can offer necessary plowing service that would require just a shovel or snow blower or you can provide commercial service that may include snow plowing trucks etc.

You can also consider offering plowing services to both residential and business clients, or you can provide custom services.

Take time to do research on what kind of services would suit your working style and then move on to the next step.

Get your business registered

Though many people don’t consider this option that early, but having a registered snow removal business can provide you an edge over your competitors. Nowadays, clients prefer working with registered service contractors for they seem to be more professional and reliable.

In case, you’re going to use a name different than your name, getting your business registered is a must.

Purchase the necessary tools

snow removal business

For commercial jobs, get a truck with a snow plow and for residential jobs, you would need to get a shovel, snow blower and heavy winter clothing and accessories. You may also need to purchase an open-top trailer if you’re planning to offer complete snow removal services.

This step is highly dependent on the first one for if you aren’t clear about the services you plan to offer, you may end up buying the wrong equipment or spending too much on the equipment.

Decide what you’re going to charge

Get into the research mode and find out about the competitors in your area and specifically about how much they charge. Deciding the right amount to charge your customers is essential to the success of your business.

You need to be competitive in the market and thus must not charge too much. Being the cheapest provider in the area can lead to fewer profits. Therefore decide the amount carefully after good research.

Work on the documentation

Setting up a new business involves a lot of documentation tasks. Once you get your business registered, find out all the rules and regulations set up for your business. Look for insurance responsibility and then make sure you business is adhering to the tax obligations.

For commercial clients, make a contract mentioning all the details of the task – what services would you provide, how much would it cost, what are the features of the area to be plowed and what are the snow depth scenario and how they would affect the service and price for the service.

Doing all this would save you from unnecessary hassles and also increase client satisfaction.

Establish a marketing and advertising budget

Once you have set up your snow removal business, you need to get the work out there. For that, you need a marketing and publicity plan. Where you spend and how much you spend on this depends on your budget.
You can consider door to door marketing, flyers, television ads, radio announcements or social media marketing for this purpose.

Another awesome way to get more customers while you’re starting out is to join exclusive networks like Same Day Pros which can help you connect with potential clients and can also assist you and help you advertise your snow removal business at low costs. This is an option that must be considered if you have a small budget.


Plan everything carefully because you don’t want to waste your money just when you’re starting out.

This is how to get a snow removal business running. Make sure you don’t go overboard with budget and marketing efforts. You also don’t want more customers than you can handle. So, plan well and execute everything well.

How To Run A Successful Plumbing Business?


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Do you want to run a successful plumbing business but don’t how you should begin with that? This how-to post can help. In this infographic, we have tried to highlight the key points that can turn your business into a successful plumbing business.

Points Discussed in the infographic:

  1. Choose a niche: do you want to go for commercial or domestic plumbing?
  2. Look for potential clients: You can’t just sit back and wait for clients. To make your plumbing business successful, you need look for clients and attract them towards your business.
  3. File tenders carefully: This is for those plumbers who plan to get into commercial plumbing. Tenders can be tedious. They have some minute details that have the power to cause you a great loss or profit. Be careful. Put in a little more effort than usual while filing tenders, do the site visit and see how you can improve your quote.
  4. Sell your product: It is as obvious as asking someone to look for clients. You need to sell your product in the most effective manner. An effective sales copy, advertisements, well designed and informative website, credibility and reviews are some of the things you must focus on to sell your product aka make some money as a plumber.
  5. Spread the word: Find out where your potential customers chill out and try to promote your plumbing business at those places. You need to get noticed, and that’s possible only if you’re at the same places as your clients are.
  6. Devise a marketing plan: It isn’t possible for your business to grow without a proper marketing strategy in place. You need to make measured and consistent efforts when it comes to marketing and promotion.
  7. Focus on customer satisfaction: There are a lot of plumbing businesses out there. What makes you special? Why should people hire you? The biggest difference is made by the customer service. If you serve your customers well and focus on customer satisfaction, your plumbing business will grow through best kind of marketing – word of mouth marketing.
  8. List your business on Same Day Pros: We’re not trying to be self-promoting but imagine how listing your business can expose you to hundreds of more potential customers and get you tons of leads.Does that sound a bad idea? If it doesn’t, check out why you must list your same day business on Same Day Pros.
  9. Expand: It is important to keep making efforts to grow. You cannot let yourself reach a certain point and stop. You have to keep going. So, if you think you’re doing well in one area or one niche, add up one more to your list and keep growing.

how to grow your plumbing business

We hope this infographic was informative for you and helps you take right decisions to grow your plumbing business. Tell us what you think.

Ultimate Guide To Start A Same Day Carpet Cleaning Business


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Do you want to step into the very saturated carpet cleaning market? Do you want to start your same day carpet cleaning business?

When we call it a saturated market, we are not trying to undermine you. We’re not attempting to discourage you from stepping into this business. All we want is you to know the real picture and get prepared for it.

We’re here to offer your advice on how to start the same day carpet cleaning business. This guide has everything you need to know. It might not be in meticulous details for we can have like a 100,000 words long discussion about this business, but it is completely an adequate guide for you to get started off and ensure success in your new business venture.

Here’s everything you need to know to start the same day carpet cleaning business. Same Day Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of starting your own carpet cleaning business

Before we dive into the details, you must understand why this business can be the coolest thing you do for yourself. Yes, even after the market condition we mentioned a few seconds before. Here are some benefits of being in this business.

  • You can work from home, set up your office from home. No need to pay an enormous amount of rent for office space.
  • Carpet Cleaning is easy to learn the business and promises an excellent return on investments.
  • You don’t require specialist knowledge for starting this business. A little bit of research and training and you’re good to go.
  • The cost of starting this business is quite small which means you don’t need to empty your bank accounts or ask people for funding you.
  • The more you invest in this business in terms of time and efforts, the more you grow.
  • The business allows high-profit margins.

Now that you know the benefits, you can get started with the technical details of running such a business.

Get a license

Of course, you can dive in without applying for a business license but that would probably land you in jail. So, first figure out how you can get a business license. It varies from city to city and, therefore; we cannot give you details about how to go on with that.

But you can comment below with your city details and we can help you with relevant resources.

Now here are some things that you need to figure out during this step only.

  • What niche would you serve in? Are you going for commercial cleaning or house cleaning?
  • Do you want to be a solopreneur or employ people in future?
  • What’s the area or locality you would offer your services in?

Our post about 4 Must-Dos for same day carpet cleaning startups can help with these thoughts.

carpet cleaning equipment

2. Choose the right machine

Now, you need to consider buying equipment you would require to serve your customers. Here the most important thing that must be taken into account is – MACHINES’ PRODUCTIVITY.

The bigger the machine, the more powerful it is. But it is more about what kind of device you require.

Are you planning to clean big commercial buildings? Then you would need a machine with more power. The more powerful machine also means that you will be able to finish up the work in less time and, therefore, can take up more jobs.

If you want to grow your business, we would recommend you to buy the most powerful machine you can afford with your budget. Starting off with a moderately powerful machine is also not a bad idea.

3. Figure out what kind of cleaning solutions you will need

Such solutions cost less, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore these. You need to be careful with what type of cleaning solutions you choose.

The type of solution you choose determines the time it takes to clean the carpet. Typical solutions work quickly and cost less unless you have to do stain removal. That increases up the cost of the chemicals used.

You must also consider how much time it takes to apply the solution and get the results.

4. What are the accessories you require?

Apart from the central cleaning machine and solutions, you would require tools like chemical sprayers, buckets, terry towels, hoovers and upholstery cleaning tools.

Many suppliers offer packages that contain most of the tools you require. The packages are usually divided into categories like standard, professional and expert. Your choice of the package must depend on the kind of niche you choose and the type of work you expect to do in the first year of your business.

Of course, you can upgrade whenever you want. Therefore, you must try to stick to the one you require rather than being too foresighted and spending a great part of your budget in buying the carpet cleaning accessories. same day home cleaning business

5. Getting the transport

After you have the equipment, you need one last thing in your bucket to start offering same day carpet cleaning services in your area. You need to buy a vehicle.

We would recommend you to begin with a large hatchback if you have a bit low budget. When your business starts making a profit, you can move to a van that looks more professional.

6. Getting training for the work

If you want to be a professional, you need training and certification. Most of the people tend to hire trained professionals. They do ask for your license and certifications. Therefore, we would advise you to get some training.

You must make sure you know the following by heart

  • How does your equipment work?
  • What kind of pre-preparation is required to operate your equipment?
  • How can you use the equipment correctly?
  • How to use your gear in the most optimum way?
  • How to maintain your equipment?

Apart from these, there are some things that come by experience. For example:

  • How to make a correct estimate of the work?
  • How to plan the work to get the most done in minimum time?
  • How to reduce your equipment maintenance cost?
  • How to minimise the cost of using chemicals?
  • How to offer high-quality services while ensuring significant profits?

7. How to find customers?

Congratulations. You’re at the final step of starting the same day carpet cleaning business. You have learned the things you require to get started, and now you need some customers actually to get started.

But how will you find the customers in this highly saturated market? You’re new. You’re inexperienced. Who will give you work?

Marketing your same day carpet cleaning business

We believe our post about Marketing Musts for Same Day Carpet Cleaning business is the ultimate resource that can help you with marketing your business successfully.

But here we’re going to mention some of the most important points we don’t want you to miss.

internet marketing musts for same day carpet cleaning business

Img via Flickr

  • Focus on direct marketing.
  • Left lets, Fliers, Newspaper ads still work.
  • Get serious about internet marketing for that’s where most of your customers are.
  • Create an advertising budget and be very careful about where you spend your money.
  • Set up your website and hire an SEO expert to rank your site for keywords relevant to your business.
  • Sign up for advertising platforms that can connect you with your potential clients.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for our core product – same day pros that are an Uber-like technology-driven platform that offers guaranteed success for your new business.
  • Create social media profiles for your business and get active on them. They offer a brilliant way to create deeper connections with your potential customers.
  • Set up a blog and start writing articles to help the community. This can help you gain the trust of people. (Do you get what we’re doing right now? )
  • Ask your family & friends to spread the word about your newly setup business. They will bring you the first few clients.
  • Start participating in trade shows, carpet cleaning associations and local groups to get noticed.
  • Read our marketing musts post for more information.

Start working on these main things and in case, you find any problem while working on these things, ask us for help.

Do you think we provided you enough information to get started? If not, tell us what we missed.

REVEALED: 9 Success Secrets for Same Day Home Cleaning Business


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There’s an enormous difference between cleaning your home and running a professional cleaning service. It is not a child’s play to run a same day home cleaning business. It is simply not possible to turn it into an overnight success.

It requires careful planning, adequate management and application of right techniques. If you just started this business or are trying to grow your same day home cleaning business, here are some secrets we compiled from what we learned from the way most successful home cleaning business owners work.  same day home cleaning business

1. Focus on new technologies

Maybe you love your good old techniques but they cannot add up to the growth of your business. Technology advances can affect the kind of equipment and chemicals you use.  motivation quote

It affects managerial and organization skills as well. Therefore it is important to do the following to ensure success of your business:

  • Try to stay up-to-date with latest technologies related to your business.
  • Read industry publications.
  • Attend meetings and cleaning conventions.
  • Actively participate in different trade fairs.
  • Encourage your suppliers to keep you up-to-date.

2. Develop a working system

To able to work consistently and efficiently, you require a proper structure in your work style. Developing a system for almost every function of your business, be it cleaning, supervision, laundry, reporting, accounting, management or customer service, makes it possible to keep your company running even when you are not available to guide.

3. Don’t undersell yourself

In our post: how to find quality clients who will pay you anything, the primary emphasis was on stopping yourself from taking up any job you get. New businesses often reduce their prices to outperform their competitors.

However, underselling yourself is not the right way to deal with competition for it can adversely affect your business process. Instead of doing this, you must try to deliver quality work to address the competition.

4. Give importance to your employees

Are you focusing enough on employee development? These are the people who bring you money. Not giving attention to their requirements and development means a weak backbone for your same day home cleaning business. Therefore, you must ensure the following:

  • Make sure your employees are trained well.
  • Focus on their performance quality and encourage them to improve it day by day.
  • Treat your employees with respect and make them want to work with you.
  • Provide bonuses and incentives for top performers.
  • Give some perks to your employees.
  • Help them deal with the issue they are facing.
  • Try to keep them in high spirits and keep inspiring them to work better.

5. Don’t go multi-niche

If you are planning to serve any cleaning job, you come across; you are actually brewing a recipe for failure. You must focus on one kind of job and build expertise in it.

For example, if you’ve been serving households, don’t try to jump in to serve big office buildings and so on. Stick to your niche and keep striving for better.

6. Track labor costs

Are you keeping an eye on the labor costs? It might not seem essential enough to be a daily job, but the numbers pile up in the way you can never imagine and can do serious damage to your financial condition.

Here are essentials you must do every single day:

  • Compile a daily over and under report.
  • If the labor cost is over, figure out why is it so?
  • Is the consumer asking for extra services that you are not charging for?
  • Did you overrate the time it would take to finish the job?
  • If the labor cost is under, see if your employees are meeting up to the quality standards.

7. Customer service is important

Work quality is outstanding but it is not enough to bring repeat business? If you want to turn your one-time customer into a regular client, here’s what you need to ensure:

customers are connecting. are you?

Img via Flickr

  • Build strong relationships with your customers.
  • Commit seriously to customer service.
  • Do a regular follow-up and try to maintain a consistent relationship with the client.

8. Spread the word regularly

Develop a daily advertisement budget and focus on marketing your same day home cleaning business regularly.

  • Make use of social media to link with your clients and find more customers.
  • Flyer every day.
  • Advertise your business on the internet.
  • Get in touch with local associations and promote your business through them.
  • Ask your friends and family to spread the word.

9. Build a business website and blog

Not only having a business website gives an impression of a more reliable and professional business but also it helps you to advertise your business 24/7. Make sure you integrate your online presence with your offline endeavors.

Put your web address on the flyers and brochures. Encourage your customers to review your business and get testimonials.

Give out special coupons and useful information through company’s blog. This would encourage customer engagement. Respond to the queries quickly and give your customers enough reasons to hire you.

These are nine success secrets that can pump up your presently slow same day home cleaning business. Follow these by heart and you will see a regular heavy flow of customers.

Apart from the above nine secrets we mentioned, here are a few more things you must keep in mind while running your business. advertise smartly

  1. Keep a written record of everything. Note down everything your customer says.
  2. Be realistic about how many jobs you can take per day, how much money you must charge and what kind results you expect from your business.
  3. Practice people skills regularly.
  4. Never overload your cleaning technicians. This may affect their work quality.
  5. Choose the advertising platforms wisely. You must not throw away your money. You must invest it.

Same Day Pros is an excellent choice as an advertising platform that is built on Uber-like technology and helps you find more leads in your area. Check it out and see if you think it would resonate with your goals.

Have you been acknowledged with any of the secrets mentioned above? If yes, how do you believe they make a difference in running your business? Do they help?

5 Marketing Musts for Same Day Carpet Cleaning Business


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It is incredibly easy to start the same day carpet cleaning business and why shouldn’t anyone do that? Working for someone else is just not cool. Letting someone else share the profits of the hard work you do is even less cool. And not running your own business when you can is just way beyond unacceptable.

So, you went ahead and started your same day carpet cleaning business. What now? Are you making enough sales? Are you getting enough customers to enjoy in a pool full of money? If not, why is that so?

When you’ve excellent service skills, it must be pouring with new clients. If it is not, we know what’s wrong. It is your marketing strategy. Just because you are amazingly good at carpet cleaning does not mean you would be good at marketing. However, you can be if you keep following us.

5 Marketing Musts for Same Day Carpet Cleaning Business

We bring you the best marketing advice from industry experts who have been serving a number of companies and helping them turning their startups into profitable businesses through effective marketing. Today we are going to share five marketing musts for same day carpet cleaning business narrated to us by those industry experts we have on our team.

1. Direct marketing is never going to die

With the onset of an internet and the kind of effect it can have on your business, people are celebrating the death of direct marketing. Don’t follow them. They would lead you to doom.

Direct marketing is as alive as it ever was. That flier with new coupons and discounts are always going to catch the attention of your potential clients and bring you more customers.

Keep an individual chunk of your budget for direct marketing purposes. Be it for reward programs, referral programs, coupons and discounts, flyers or print advertisements – just keep doing this.


2. Internet Marketing is not a child’s play

Of course, it is easy to use the internet but it is not easy to market over the internet. Right techniques implemented with the real budget is the only combination that works on the internet. Try to make a slight change in this equation and you will feel the wrath of it.

Now, there are some ways through which you can market your same day carpet cleaning business on the internet.

  • Advertising: PPC ad campaigns like Google Adwords campaign can help you tap the people who are already looking for services like yours. Of course, you need to set the targeting in the right way to be able to achieve the desired results. But not investing in this area would be great folly. Even if you have a minuscule budget, you can run effective ad campaigns. So, go for them for sure.
  • Local SEO: Search engine optimization is important but for your local same day business, you need a slightly different technique than the usual. You need to sideline your SEO efforts towards local SEO. You want the people in your locality to find you more often than others. Google Places is an excellent tool that can amplify your local SEO efforts. It helps you list your business on Google maps and lets people find you when they are looking for a carpet cleaning service in their area.
  • Social Media: Strong connections with customers is something we do not think we need to emphasize upon. Any wise business owner would understand the importance of it. If you do get it, you must know that there is no better option to engage with your customers than leveraging the power of social media. Be it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you must actively participate on these platforms and interact with your target audience.
  • Blogging: This marketing must is almost free. If you can communicate well, you can handle your blog all by yourself else hire a good content writer for this. Your blog can help you to establish yourself as an expert in the field. Moreover, who does not like to follow and hire an expert? Did you get what we want to imply here? Establishing yourself as an industry expert is just a few blog posts away.

    internet marketing musts for same day carpet cleaning business

    Img via Flickr

3. Word of mouth marketing is necessary

If people are not talking about you, your business is about to shut down. Even if you follow all the marketing musts anyone advises you about, you cannot run your business profitably unless word of mouth marketing is happening.

It implies that you are so good and so hire worthy that your current customers start recommending you to their friends, and the chain continues. This is a tough nut to crack but with strategies like referral programs, referral cards and discount coupons, you can kick start your word of mouth marketing campaign.

4. Guarantees are like click baits

Click baits is a very familiar name on the internet. It is tapping the cerebral vein in your brain and making you click on some post or video. Now you can implement an offline version of click baits. You can do a thing to make it impossible to prefer someone else to you.

That magical formula is to provide money back guarantees. This will instantly make people trust you and prefer you. They will feel safe to hire you.

You can easily get an insurance policy and build your money back policy and get started with must-do marketing thing for your same day carpet cleaning business.

5. Being a member of related associations can bring your more exposure

It is very straightforward. If more people know about your business, you will have more potential clients willing to hire you when they need services like yours. To do that, you should start participating in local events, trade shows or associations that happen around or exist around you.

 word of mouth marketing for same day carpet cleaning business

Consider becoming a sponsor for an event like that and you will face a flood of customers for sure. Try it if you do not believe it.

No matter what kind of budget you have, not matter whom you’ve hired for the work, no matter what kind of expertise you have, if you do not implement these marketing musts, your business is going to face tremendous loss. So start paying attention to these.

Here’s another perfect way to boost your business. Sign up for Same Day Pros which is an Uber-like technology platform that can help you effectively advertise your same day carpet cleaning business.

We hope you set into action and make sure these marketing musts are being followed by your company. In case, you have more questions regarding any of the things we mentioned here, feel free to ask. We would love to do detailed posts on each of these marketing must-dos.

4 Must-Dos for the Same Day Carpet Cleaning Startup


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Are you looking forward to starting the same day carpet cleaning business? However, do you understand what it takes to run such a business and make it profitable? Do you know the intricate details of a carpet cleaning business?

Entrepreneurs say that running a business makes them feel content and happy. However, would that be possible if you are making loss in your company? Would that be possible if you realize that you have missed some first milestones in the beginning?

Yes, this happens, and the primary reason behind that is incomplete knowledge. Many people who dive into same day carpet cleaning business forget some crucial things that cost them lot.

What about you? Are you sure you have given proper consideration to those critical areas? If not, read about them right now and do something before it is too late.

Here are the four must-dos for the same day carpet cleaning startup: 4 Must-Dos for the Same Day Carpet Cleaning Startup

1. Select the right legal structure for your business

You can choose a tax structure from a number of options like Limited Liability company (LLC), Sole proprietor or a corporation.

Each of these governs whom you move forward with your business. For example, as a sole proprietor, you are the only person responsible for the company’s assets & liabilities while with an LLC, you share that burden with your partner.

These result in different legal and tax implications. Moreover, it is important for you to give a complete thought to which kind of tax structure is the best suit to your business needs and preferences.

As it is quite evident, this is going to be the first step towards setting up the same day carpet cleaning business and it can have a tremendous impact on your business’ future.

2. Find your niche and define your USP

In this competitive market, it would be foolishness to try to be the jack of all trades. You will not be able to contend with the Giants if you are focusing on too many things at a time.

That is why we would suggest you pick up a niche and stick with it. Define whether you’ll be serving in households or commercial setups. What kind of cleaning procedures would you specialize in?

Moreover, above all, find a clear statement to this question – “What makes you unique?”
The answer to this question would help you stand apart. However, how to find a response to this issue?

Begin with analyzing what your competitors are doing, what kind of services are they providing and how they are selling those services. Now, try to think about how you can deliver your services in a better way.

3. Start networking

In the present scenario, online networking holds a high potential. If you do that well, you can clearly separate yourself from the lot and enjoy the status of a professional business.

Moreover, more and more people are using the internet to hire same day services. Having a great online presence is the only way to get to the top.

For this, you would need to learn effective marketing and advertising techniques. You would need to focus on some social media channels and ad networks, find out how to make them work for your brand and use them on a regular basis.

If you have never worked on this, try outsourcing this work. For advertising, you can use services like Same Day Pros that can help you in actually reaching your audience and for marketing, you can hire a social media marketer to manage your social media accounts.

The most important thing here is never to underestimate the power of the internet. motivation quote

4. Build connections

Beginning online networking is not as tough as making quality connections that would bring you leads. Start with creating a website that clearly defines your business, what you do, how you do it and where you operate. Invest in good design and copywriting to make it very efficient.

Then work on search engine optimization to reach the top of the search results. Focus on blogging to build better connections with your audience and make them trust your business.

Invest in business tools that would help you with logistics calls tracking, scheduling, payrolls and tax payments. Such investments promise significant returns and must never be avoided.

These are the four must-dos for same day carpet cleaning business. No matter what your goal is but all these steps would act as critical factors in helping you achieve those objectives.

Have you implemented all these things for your business? How do you think they have affected the overall performance of your carpet cleaning business?

4 Secrets to Get More Clients For your Same Day Handyman Business


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It is no use denying the fact that you cannot run your same day handyman business unless you maintain a sustained flow of customers. But new customers are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Isn’t that so?

Are you finding it hard to get wind of new customers and grow your daily income? Are you sick of reading about finding new customers and facing the same old advice every single time? Are you looking for some new ways that could work?

There are, in fact, some often untold ways to get more patrons for your same day handyman business. But they just don’t work as a power switch. You can’t just switch on the button and enjoy the light in this case. You would have to be a little more hard working. You would have to stand near the power switch and hold it for as long as you want the light.

If you’re ready to put that kind of effort into this, then read on to find out about some ways to get more clients to your same day handyman business that work.

1. Make people talk about you

You would have heard lot about how social media can help you find more customers, and it is, in fact, an amazing method. Even offline advertisement works. But if it had worked so well for you, you wouldn’t have landed up here. You need something that’s even better. advertise smartly

For that, you need to stop thinking so simply. You need to be smart. So, instead of knocking on every door and advertising your business to them, you must make the frequenters work like your marketing team. Make them talk about you. When they’re very satisfied with your work, they will refer you. That’s what you need.

Here’s another way to make people talk about you. Start with the local media and become a storyteller. Journalists are always looking for new stories, and you can help them. Build an interesting story around your business and let the local journalists know about it.

Your goal is to make them cover that story on their news channel (be it print media or electronic media). Note that this is entirely different from usual advertisement. You’re not promoting your business directly. You’re just telling a story.

To find more customers for your same day handyman business, you need such clever promotion strategies where you promote but without making it too obvious.

2. Befriend your customers

customers are connecting. are you?

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Dan Parry, a successful handyman, and entrepreneur consider this as a not-so-common advertising idea. He likes to hang out with his customers. So what he does with that action is that on one side he is creating a stronger bond with his existing customer and at the same time, he’s presenting himself to his potential clients.

Get into random conversations with people. Talk with people and try to be friends with them. And somewhere in the conversation, let them know what you do for a living and how you can help them.

It is simple but effective. That’s how you promote yourself effortlessly. You don’t push your ideas on people. You just let them know. That’s enough to bring you a thick flow of leads.

3. Carry your business cards everywhere and help people

Constant vigilance can be a very good quality. If you constantly focus on finding new clients, you can achieve more than you expect. Are you going to the local supplies store? You would find some people who need some assistance in finding what they want to buy. Why not give them a helping hand?

While this may not always convert, it still is an impeccable way to present yourself as a reliable, helpful and hire-worthy person. Remember that your business greatly depends on how you brand yourself.

4. Analyze where your leads come from

How many times did you bother to find out how your customer reached you? Did he contact after reading some review on Yelp? Did he contact you after finding your business listing on Same Day Pros? Did he contact you after a friend told him about you?

All of these questions are very important. That helps you to find out which platform is the most profitable for you so that you can streamline your promotion strategy accordingly.

Not every task you need to perform must be directly related to getting you more leads. It can be as simple as figuring out which is the best platform that can help your handyman business. Which platform is the most profitable for you? WhiteCanvas2

Inculcate these strategies in your daily life and you would see the results. Let us know what another issue you’re facing while running your same day handyman business and maybe we can help.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Save Your Time?


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A healthy home begins with clean carpets. How you have maintained your carpets say a lot about your personality. A clean carpet has various environmental and health benefits. Cleaning your carpet prolongs the life of the carpet hence saves you money in the long run. It also helps to add value to your home, keep away dust and allergens and also to remove bad odor from your house. There are various methods of cleaning carpets. They include dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, shampooing and steam cleaning. More so, you can rent a carpet-cleaning machine to help you clean your carpets or you can hire a professional to clean your carpets. In as much as renting a carpet cleaning machine is cheaper, hiring a professional carpet cleaner is worth the extra coin due to its advantages.

Same Day Carpet CleaningFirst, same day carpet cleaning helps you to save time. This is because when you do the cleaning yourself, you need to move the furniture, clean your carpet and then clean the equipment when you are done. This will take you a lot of time. A professional carpet cleaner takes care of all those tasks hence saving you time. In addition, a professional carpet cleaner ensures that your carpet is cleaned effectively. Due to their experience, they have sufficient knowledge of different types of carpets hence have the ability to suggest to you the best cleaning methods and products for your carpet. This will help ensure a long life for your carpet and prevent it from unintentional damage. More so, professional carpet cleaners use special equipment that helps them to achieve great results. These machines eliminate allergens, dust mites, mold and many other bacteria that are dangerous to your health.

There are various methods of carpet cleaning which I mentioned at the beginning of this article. A professional carpet cleaner does more than just cleaning your carpet; they will advise you on what method to use for your specific type of carpet. When choosing a professional carpet cleaning company, go for a company with competitive prices and one that conforms to the norms of cleaning services. Choose a company that educates you on the best ways of cleaning carpets and one that has been in the cleaning business for long. Keep in mind that cleaning carpets too frequently can damage it and hence make you spend more money to purchase another one. You should therefore, clean your carpets at proper intervals. Choose an experienced professional cleaner who has been in the business for years hence dealt with all carpet problems.

Make the guests of your home comfortable by seeing a clean and neat carpet on your floor. Carpet cleaning should be regular activity in your home and office. This is because the advantages of cleaning carpets cannot be overlooked. Therefore, I recommend you to do a research, compare prices and choose the best professional carpet cleaning service for you. It will ensure your carpet last longer and save you money in the long run. It is true that hiring a professional carpet cleaner is a bit expensive, but it is actually worth the extra coin.