Despite all your efforts to keep your carpet clean, dirt-free and away from the grime, you may still have stains on your carpet. Now is the time, to decide whether you want to clean your carpets or get the help of a professional carpet cleaning service. How will you decide which cleaning method will be the best for you? Especially when both dry and steam methods are popular for cleaning carpets, which one has an advantage over the other? Let’s find out.

Method of cleaning

In the dry vs steam cleaning debate, it is crucial to understand that actually, just steam does not clean the carpets while using steam cleaning method. Instead, commercial machines are used for boiling water that give off steam, which is then used with detergent (acidic for woolen or natural carpets and alkaline for synthetic carpets) to activate cleaning action on the stains. Later, a wet-vac is often used to suck up water from the floor.

The other method, that is dry cleaning, makes use of some dry chemicals to fight the stains in order to break down any soil they find. The method is still called dry cleaning, even when cleaning experts use some amount of moisture as an application solution to go along with the dry compounds put-upon in the process. Dry cleaning saves a lot of your time and floors can be ready to walk over in almost no time after the cleaning.

Steam or dry?

If steam cleaning is your pick, you will need some hot water, a machine probably rented) and detergent to start with the cleaning. Remember, you will still have to wait more than 10-15 hours to start walking on the carpet again. Also, some stains that were grounded deep inside will reappear after a few days, since some difficult stains like chemical and pet stains require multiple cleaning treatments or just cannot be dealt with.

Dry cleaning, on the other hand, comes with the benefit of no waiting time and impressive cleaning with the use of chemical solutions and cleansing agents. However, sometimes these chemicals can be harsh on your carpet and may have strong odors.