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Allergies can be very painful – only those who suffer from them know about it. There are many things that can cause an allergic reaction in a person, of which dust is the most common. Whether in a home or an office, heavy furnishings like carpets and curtains tend to attract a lot of dust and should be cleaned regularly to prevent allergies. If neglected, dust allergies can lead to severe respiratory issues that can be fatal.

1. When the carpet cannot be removed

When you want a carpet to adorn your home, but don’t want it to be the cause of allergies to the residents, it is important to get it cleaned every other day or even week. Carpets are made of thick material, sometimes of wool, which easily attract mites and a lot of dust. The only way to clean carpets without having to wash them, which is a mighty task, is to vacuum them. Use the vacuum up and down in one particular direction the carpet slowly. Do it slowly enough to give the vacuum enough time to pull in the dust particles completely.

2. Professional cleaning for best results

While regular vacuuming can help prevent over accumulation of dust and dirt, it doesn’t come anywhere close to professional cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning services not only get rid of dust particles, but also eliminate any stains and hard to remove bacteria or fungi that can cause allergies in some. Professional carpet cleaners use highly powerful cleaning agents to get rid of the mites in the carpet. Some also use organic cleaning agents that are safe for both pets as well as kids. If you have kids or pets at home, make sure you tell the carpet cleaning company to use only organic cleaners or only vacuum to clean the carpet.

If your carpet is made of cotton, you can even wash it using safe detergents if needed.