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Carpet Cleaning involves different cleaning methods. Hot water extraction is one of the preferable methods for commercial cleaning jobs. But there has been a heated debate going on against the use of heat for cleaning purpose. Some organizations are even trying to make it mandatory not to use heat.

However, there are many people who loathe the alternate solution i.e. cold water extraction. Thus, there are mixed opinions all around. But which exactly is a good option? Which side should you take? Which kind of cleaning job must you prefer for yourself?

Why service professionals prefer hot water extraction?

Hot water has been scientifically proven to improve the efficiency of cleaning chemicals. With a personal vendetta for carpet cleaners, carpets tend to catch lots of dust and dirty particles and lock them in their fibers. To be able to get rid of these harmful substances, one needs highly effective carpet cleaning chemicals.

If you use hot water along with such chemicals, the result would be very fine, and you would be able to clean the carpet thoroughly in almost no time.

How effective is cold water?

Cold water, however, isn’t as efficient as hot water. Although newly developed chemicals work best with cold water extraction, many people still prefer hot water technique for cold water doesn’t loosen dust particles from the carpet fibers that easily.

Of course, you would be wondering how you can easily wash and remove dirt from clothes using cold water. But in that case, you must consider the time you dip the clothes in water before washing.

You cannot do this thing with carpets. Carpets need to be washed and dried as quickly as possible to prevent mold growth in fibers. It is where cold water extraction causes a problem.

Why prefer cold water extraction then?

After reading about a major drawback of using cold water for cleaning carpets, you must be doubtful on why anyone would prefer this method. Here are the reasons why this is a better and more effective option in the long run.

1. Cold water extraction may not be that effective with usual chemicals, but with specialized chemicals, it is as effective as the hot water method.

2. Use of cold water is a green cleaning method that causes the least amount of harm to the environment during the cleaning process.

3. Hot water, when mixed with chemicals, can release potentially dangerous fumes. It doesn’t happen with the use of cold one.

4. Cold-water machines use less energy and are more sustainable.

5. Cold water extraction is a more cost effective solution, and as we mentioned earlier, it is an environment-friendly option.

So, if you want a direct answer on if cold water extraction is effective for carpet cleaning, it is a yes. If you consider the right set of chemicals used for the right kind of cleaning job, it is very effective. You must consider how much soil the carpet has on it. If there is excessive soil, cold water may not be a right choice. But otherwise, it’s a great cleaning method that is effective, environment-friendly and pocket-friendly.

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