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It is no use denying the fact that you cannot run your same day handyman business unless you maintain a sustained flow of customers. But new customers are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Isn’t that so?

Are you finding it hard to get wind of new customers and grow your daily income? Are you sick of reading about finding new customers and facing the same old advice every single time? Are you looking for some new ways that could work?

There are, in fact, some often untold ways to get more patrons for your same day handyman business. But they just don’t work as a power switch. You can’t just switch on the button and enjoy the light in this case. You would have to be a little more hard working. You would have to stand near the power switch and hold it for as long as you want the light.

If you’re ready to put that kind of effort into this, then read on to find out about some ways to get more clients to your same day handyman business that work.

1. Make people talk about you

You would have heard lot about how social media can help you find more customers, and it is, in fact, an amazing method. Even offline advertisement works. But if it had worked so well for you, you wouldn’t have landed up here. You need something that’s even better. advertise smartly

For that, you need to stop thinking so simply. You need to be smart. So, instead of knocking on every door and advertising your business to them, you must make the frequenters work like your marketing team. Make them talk about you. When they’re very satisfied with your work, they will refer you. That’s what you need.

Here’s another way to make people talk about you. Start with the local media and become a storyteller. Journalists are always looking for new stories, and you can help them. Build an interesting story around your business and let the local journalists know about it.

Your goal is to make them cover that story on their news channel (be it print media or electronic media). Note that this is entirely different from usual advertisement. You’re not promoting your business directly. You’re just telling a story.

To find more customers for your same day handyman business, you need such clever promotion strategies where you promote but without making it too obvious.

2. Befriend your customers

customers are connecting. are you?

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Dan Parry, a successful handyman, and entrepreneur consider this as a not-so-common advertising idea. He likes to hang out with his customers. So what he does with that action is that on one side he is creating a stronger bond with his existing customer and at the same time, he’s presenting himself to his potential clients.

Get into random conversations with people. Talk with people and try to be friends with them. And somewhere in the conversation, let them know what you do for a living and how you can help them.

It is simple but effective. That’s how you promote yourself effortlessly. You don’t push your ideas on people. You just let them know. That’s enough to bring you a thick flow of leads.

3. Carry your business cards everywhere and help people

Constant vigilance can be a very good quality. If you constantly focus on finding new clients, you can achieve more than you expect. Are you going to the local supplies store? You would find some people who need some assistance in finding what they want to buy. Why not give them a helping hand?

While this may not always convert, it still is an impeccable way to present yourself as a reliable, helpful and hire-worthy person. Remember that your business greatly depends on how you brand yourself.

4. Analyze where your leads come from

How many times did you bother to find out how your customer reached you? Did he contact after reading some review on Yelp? Did he contact you after finding your business listing on Same Day Pros? Did he contact you after a friend told him about you?

All of these questions are very important. That helps you to find out which platform is the most profitable for you so that you can streamline your promotion strategy accordingly.

Not every task you need to perform must be directly related to getting you more leads. It can be as simple as figuring out which is the best platform that can help your handyman business. Which platform is the most profitable for you? WhiteCanvas2

Inculcate these strategies in your daily life and you would see the results. Let us know what another issue you’re facing while running your same day handyman business and maybe we can help.