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It is incredibly easy to start the same day carpet cleaning business and why shouldn’t anyone do that? Working for someone else is just not cool. Letting someone else share the profits of the hard work you do is even less cool. And not running your own business when you can is just way beyond unacceptable.

So, you went ahead and started your same day carpet cleaning business. What now? Are you making enough sales? Are you getting enough customers to enjoy in a pool full of money? If not, why is that so?

When you’ve excellent service skills, it must be pouring with new clients. If it is not, we know what’s wrong. It is your marketing strategy. Just because you are amazingly good at carpet cleaning does not mean you would be good at marketing. However, you can be if you keep following us.

5 Marketing Musts for Same Day Carpet Cleaning Business

We bring you the best marketing advice from industry experts who have been serving a number of companies and helping them turning their startups into profitable businesses through effective marketing. Today we are going to share five marketing musts for same day carpet cleaning business narrated to us by those industry experts we have on our team.

1. Direct marketing is never going to die

With the onset of an internet and the kind of effect it can have on your business, people are celebrating the death of direct marketing. Don’t follow them. They would lead you to doom.

Direct marketing is as alive as it ever was. That flier with new coupons and discounts are always going to catch the attention of your potential clients and bring you more customers.

Keep an individual chunk of your budget for direct marketing purposes. Be it for reward programs, referral programs, coupons and discounts, flyers or print advertisements – just keep doing this.


2. Internet Marketing is not a child’s play

Of course, it is easy to use the internet but it is not easy to market over the internet. Right techniques implemented with the real budget is the only combination that works on the internet. Try to make a slight change in this equation and you will feel the wrath of it.

Now, there are some ways through which you can market your same day carpet cleaning business on the internet.

  • Advertising: PPC ad campaigns like Google Adwords campaign can help you tap the people who are already looking for services like yours. Of course, you need to set the targeting in the right way to be able to achieve the desired results. But not investing in this area would be great folly. Even if you have a minuscule budget, you can run effective ad campaigns. So, go for them for sure.
  • Local SEO: Search engine optimization is important but for your local same day business, you need a slightly different technique than the usual. You need to sideline your SEO efforts towards local SEO. You want the people in your locality to find you more often than others. Google Places is an excellent tool that can amplify your local SEO efforts. It helps you list your business on Google maps and lets people find you when they are looking for a carpet cleaning service in their area.
  • Social Media: Strong connections with customers is something we do not think we need to emphasize upon. Any wise business owner would understand the importance of it. If you do get it, you must know that there is no better option to engage with your customers than leveraging the power of social media. Be it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you must actively participate on these platforms and interact with your target audience.
  • Blogging: This marketing must is almost free. If you can communicate well, you can handle your blog all by yourself else hire a good content writer for this. Your blog can help you to establish yourself as an expert in the field. Moreover, who does not like to follow and hire an expert? Did you get what we want to imply here? Establishing yourself as an industry expert is just a few blog posts away.

    internet marketing musts for same day carpet cleaning business

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3. Word of mouth marketing is necessary

If people are not talking about you, your business is about to shut down. Even if you follow all the marketing musts anyone advises you about, you cannot run your business profitably unless word of mouth marketing is happening.

It implies that you are so good and so hire worthy that your current customers start recommending you to their friends, and the chain continues. This is a tough nut to crack but with strategies like referral programs, referral cards and discount coupons, you can kick start your word of mouth marketing campaign.

4. Guarantees are like click baits

Click baits is a very familiar name on the internet. It is tapping the cerebral vein in your brain and making you click on some post or video. Now you can implement an offline version of click baits. You can do a thing to make it impossible to prefer someone else to you.

That magical formula is to provide money back guarantees. This will instantly make people trust you and prefer you. They will feel safe to hire you.

You can easily get an insurance policy and build your money back policy and get started with must-do marketing thing for your same day carpet cleaning business.

5. Being a member of related associations can bring your more exposure

It is very straightforward. If more people know about your business, you will have more potential clients willing to hire you when they need services like yours. To do that, you should start participating in local events, trade shows or associations that happen around or exist around you.

 word of mouth marketing for same day carpet cleaning business

Consider becoming a sponsor for an event like that and you will face a flood of customers for sure. Try it if you do not believe it.

No matter what kind of budget you have, not matter whom you’ve hired for the work, no matter what kind of expertise you have, if you do not implement these marketing musts, your business is going to face tremendous loss. So start paying attention to these.

Here’s another perfect way to boost your business. Sign up for Same Day Pros which is an Uber-like technology platform that can help you effectively advertise your same day carpet cleaning business.

We hope you set into action and make sure these marketing musts are being followed by your company. In case, you have more questions regarding any of the things we mentioned here, feel free to ask. We would love to do detailed posts on each of these marketing must-dos.