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Are you looking for the available options for marketing your carpet cleaning service? Here are 17!

carpet cleaning service at work

  1. Use your telephone wisely: Never let any lead go unattended. Be by your phone. Keep your selling pitch ready. Practice to deliver it correctly. Keep all the information right beside the phone. Be quick. If you’re able to convert the people who call you for estimates, that’s perfect for your carpet cleaning service.
  2. Door to door: Every day we see one of the members of a rug cleaning community on Facebook share how door to door worked. They just try it as an additional promotion technique. Why not start this as your first one? Some quick initial sales aren’t bad. Are they?
  3. Flyers: Flyers are quite useful in the initial days of your business. They don’t involve much cost. But be careful while sending out those flyers. Get the decent graphics and the right piece of information printed on the flyers. Never forget to put down your phone number. A high irresistible offer can bring you best results.
  4. Interact with the community: Join some social and civic clubs. Go to church. Sponsor a charity event. All of these actions can get you noticed. Meet people. Introduce yourself to them as the owner of a carpet cleaning service. Now, you have a personal contact which is more likely to call you when he requires such services.
  5. Ask referrals from complementing services: Your competitors would never promote you. But services like dry cleaning would love to refer you to their clients if you assure them that you will return the favor. Business grows when you start working in collaboration with other companies without any conflict of interest.
  6. Get listed on Yelp: Yelp can help you fetch an enormous amount of traffic. Excellent reviews on Yelp can lead to a significant surge in your overall business leads.
  7. Build your company’s website: Yellow pages is dead. People are searching for same day service providers online. Are you making sure that you’re visible to those people? Being listed on Yelp isn’t enough. Once people check your reviews on Yelp! they go on to check your website to research about what kind of service provider you’re. Give them a chance to know you better through your website.
  8. Focus on search engine optimization: We can roughly call search engine optimization a passive way of promotion. SEO helps your site to rank in the top search results for keywords relevant to your business. Good SEO will lead to more exposure and hence, more points.
  9. Educate your consumers: Best way to promote your carpet cleaning service is not promote it. This is the era of inbound marketing. Your focus is on helping your potential customers find the information they’re looking for. By doing this, you present yourself as an expert in front of them. That brings sales. How to do this?Start a blog.
  10. Get listed on Same Day Pros: Same Day Pros is a platform that can help your business get more exposure. Thousands of people are using Same Day Pros to find same day service providers in their locality. Securing a listing on the platform can bring you even more sales.
  11. Use PPC Ads: Pay Per Click ads to allow you to advertise your carpet cleaning service around different properties on the web. Google Adwords is one of the best platforms to begin with PPC Ads.
  12. Promote on social media: Social media is a great way to promote your business and actively engage with your audience. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to reach out to your customers. Post useful content. And throw in a promotional piece every once in a while.
  13. Advertise on social media: Facebook provides excellent advertising opportunities through its native ad platform. You can also promote your business via advertising on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  14. Build a referral program: Referrals are a great way to utilize the power of word of mouth marketing. If my sister would recommend you to me, I am going to prefer you to others. If she gets a special discount for that recommendation, she is more likely to keep recommending you to others. This way, you can use your customers as a promotion tool for your carpet cleaning service.
  15. Participate in trade shows: Attend the annual carpet cleaning convention and any trade shows or house show that happen around your city. These are not places where you can go for direct promotions (unless you have rented an exhibition space), but you can meet a lot of new people. You can explore some fantastic opportunities through this.
  16. Telemarketing: It’s annoying. But it might work. Make sure the sales people are not too pushy and are very courteous. You must not annoy anyone if you can’t please them.
  17. Track your competition: Promotion isn’t just about following a pre-decided set of strategies, sitting back and waiting for results. You need to monitor actively what your competitors are doing and adapt your promotion strategies according to that.

Did we miss something? Or maybe gave you an idea of something you never considered before? Comment below!