Are you looking forward to starting a new business? We suggest junk removal. But wait! We aren’t suggesting you this just like that. We have solid reasons why you must start a junk removal business. Care to read?

  1. Small investment

Thousands of people search on Google about low investment or no investment business ideas. While we believe a no-investment business idea doesn’t exist, we can place our bet on this low-cost business idea. To start a junk removal service, you don’t need a lot of employees. You can be the only employee to begin with. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment. Just a pick-up truck (new or old), a few shovels, rakes and garbage bins are enough.

junk removal service

  1. Great scope

Junk is something people would never run out of. This means you can always expect more business in your city. You can have a lot of regular clients that provide you enough business to keep going on.

  1. Recession proof

Yes, it is. In fact, during the recession, when every company is facing a downfall, junk removal services make profits. How? With so many businesses shutting down, there is a flood of junk. Who will dispose of all that? You can apparently sell a lot of it and make even more money.

  1. Easy to market

This business is relatively easy to market. You can go with traditional flyers and billboards, or an even cheaper option would be to sell your junk removal service online. You can get your business listed on Yelp or use marketplaces like Same Day Pros that can send you targeted leads at little cost for your junk removal service. Just provide excellent service and soon you wouldn’t even need to spend on marketing.  Word of mouth marketing is the biggest source of leads for such service owners.

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  1. Option to take it up as a side business

Do you think you’re not ready to dive into your having-your-own-business thing? Don’t. Build it as a side business. Work on it as a part-time business and when you will have enough income from this business than your current job, switch. Simple! Isn’t it?

  1. Work from home and franchise option

You can operate this business from home. That means no cost of setting up an office. There are a lot of franchise options available. These can help if you don’t mind putting in some investment but require guidance on how to run such a business. Most of the franchises assist the business owners with initial set-up. That can help you kick-start your business, in case you have no knowledge about it.

These were the six reasons why we think that junk removal is a great business idea. It can help you earn money in an easy and quick way. Wait! Did we tell how the U.S. is seeing an upsurge of money spent on junk removal? It’s growing. The question is whether you want to increase with this wave or not!